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Friday, December 9, 2022 2:54:43 PM GENERAL HOUSE RULES 4 FIELD PLAYERS + GOALKEEPER = 5 PLAYERS | NO OFFSIDES 22 MINUTE HALVES | 3 MINUTES HALF TIME SUBSTITUTIONS on the fly and from substitution area GOAL KEEPERS Throw in within 4 seconds, defense must give 5 yards 2008/09 & 2010/11 - Goalkeeper throw in Arc to Arc 2012/13 & 2014/15 - Goalkeeper throw in Before Half Line 2008/09 & 2010/11 - Pass back not allowed 2012/13 & 2014/15 - Pass back allowed KICK OFF Must go forward, defense must give 5 yards KICK IN Indirect, within 4 seconds, defense must give 1 yard CORNER KICKS Direct, within 4 seconds, defense must give 5 yards FOULS Must wait for whistle, defense must give 5 yards • Sportsman like Foul Indirect free kick • Unsportsman Like Foul Direct free kick • 5 Fouls (per half) Indirect free kick 6 or more Fouls straight penalty kick SHIN GUARDS Must be worn ROSTERS Freeze week 2 and will be checked starting week 3, guest players can play goalkeeper only. No exceptions! UNIFORMS All Players must have matching Team shirts by week 3 SCHEDULE CONFLICTS must be emailed to info@futsal-club.com by 10pm on Tuesday prior to the game in question. After Tuesday and no shows will be counted as a forfeit. No exceptions! PARENTS • No talking to Referees the Ref sees what the Ref sees, PERIOD! • No coaching from the sideline; let them make mistakes, have FUN & PLAY! • Positive feedback to ALL players, refs, coaches & parents; PERIOD! • Sit back and enjoy your player develop their soccer skills; let them PLAY! Futsal Club #LetThemPlay #ForThePlayers #PlayerDevelopment Follow us on social media @futsalclub.fc
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